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PRODUCTS - Marsh McBirney Flowmeters

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Marsh McBirney Flowmeters Hach Flow & Marsh McBirney Flowmeters

EPYX Technologies (EST Environmental Techonlogies Ltd) is proud to be the Exclusive Representative for Hach Flow and Marsh McBirney Flowmeters for the Province of British Columbia.

We offer full product support as well as equipment rental for your long term or short term flow studies.

Providing sales, service and support for the popular Multi-Mag, and Flo-Dar, Flo-Tote, and Flo-Mate flowmeters for British Columbia.


Hach FH950 Portable Velocity Flowmeter

NEW!  The Hach FH950 is the successor to the popular Marsh Model 2000. Now with the FH950 the standard unit comes with portable velocity measurement, with a further (firmware and sensor upgrade) option to have integrated depth measurements (new feature /optional feature).

Now with a standard disconnectable sensor, the FH950 is versatile in that you can buy sensors of different cable lengths to suit your needs: 5ft, 20ft, 40ft, 100ft and switch between sensors easily.

For more information about this device please click >> FH950 - Portable Flowmeter Inquiry to receive your customized quotation and full product brochure.

** Standard FH950 includes sensor with only velocity measurement (5ft cable standard)

** Option for FH950 to include both velocity and depth measurement is optional.

For FH950 existing users who want to upgrade their existing FH950 devices to handle both the new velocity and depth sensors, they only need to do a free firmware update to their FH950 device and then purchase a new sensor that measures both velocity and depth. If you have further questions, send us an email for more details.


See the difference the new FH 950 makes!
  • Reduce man-hours 50% --the step by step user interface simplifies programming, delivers real time data, and downloads direct to PC -- allowing a single person to take the readings and eliminating post site visit manual data transfer from log book to PC
  • Automatically calculates total discharge based on USGS and ISO methods--reduces time to manually calculate and likelihood of errors
  • Real-time velocity graphed on color displaygiving a quick visual reading of velocity trends
  • The color bar indicator on the display guides the user to position the sensor at the ideal depth location, making accurate depth measurement collection easy
  • One of the lowest maintenance solutions on the market electromagnetic velocity sensor with no moving parts never requires mechanical maintenance
  • Lightweight, rugged portable meter—only 1.5 pounds
  • Water resistant electronics
  • Rechargeable portable meter
  • Data Storage for up to 10 profiles and 32 stations per profile
  • Easy-to-use menu-driven interface display remains readable even in bright sunlight

Ideal Applications include:
  • Rivers
  • Weir/Flume/Flow Meter Calibration
  • Sewers
  • Mining Channels
  • Irrigation Channels
  • Ideal for use in waters with organic matter; the magnetic inductive measurement principle is not negatively affected by these conditions like acoustics or mechanical meters



The Popular Flo-Dar Open Channel Flowmeter!

Flo-Dar is the Way to Go!


Introducing the state-of-art, Flo-Dar Radar Based Flowmeter, the perfect solution for difficult flows (Large Man Made Channels, Flows with High Solids, High Temperature Flows, Shallow Flows, High Velocities, and Caustic Flows). Finally, troublesome maintenance caused by sensor fouling is virtually eliminated with the Flo-Dar! The Flo-Dar utilizes proven radar velocity sensing technology to measure flow from above the fluid.

Shown here to the left is a typical installation for the Marsh McBirney Flo-Dar using a temporary mount. For additional information, click the link below to jump directly to Marsh-McBirney's corporate web page.

>> Hach Flow Flo-Dar Product Page




To view a flash online demo of how the Flo-Dar technology measures flow please visit>> : FLODAR DEMO PAGE

NEW!  Email us for information on the new Flo-Dar with submerged velocity sensor!   4 sensors in 1, now available with new communications options including RF, cellular, and remote downloading capabilities!

Flo-Dar Benefits::

  • Limited / Reduced Sensor Cleaning
  • Advanced Sensor Technology (Non-Contact)
  • Reduce confined space entries by 90% or more
  • Personnel have no contact with the flow during installation
  • Maintenance caused by sensor fouling is eliminated
  • Optional Site Profiling for Even Higher Accuracy
  • Field Replaceable/Interchangeable Sensors and Monitors


Perfect solution for Difficult Flow Conditions:

  • Surcharge Flows (with SVS Sensor)
  • Flows with High Solids Content
  • High Temperature Flows
  • Caustic Flows
  • Large Man-Made Channels
  • High Velocities
  • Shallow Flows


Hach Releases FL900 Series Flow Logger

FREDERICK, MD - July 6, 2010 - WastewaterPR.com - Hach Company, Flow Meter Products & Services, is pleased to announce the release of their latest open channel flow metering innovation, the NEW Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger with Marsh-McBirney Flo-Dar™ Sensor.

FL900 Series flow logger

Product Literature / Brochures >> Click Here to View & Download (PDF)

Hach Company, Flow Meter Products & Services, is pleased to announce the release of their latest open channel flow metering innovation, the NEW Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger with Marsh-McBirney Flo-Dar™ Sensor. The system provides users with an economical, time-saving wireless (or standard) flow monitoring solution for municipal and industrial applications. Together, the rugged FL900 Series Flow Logger and proven noncontact

Flo-Dar Sensor streamline the flow monitoring process by reducing site time while increasing the safety of flow monitoring personnel. The FL900 Series Logger features include instant verification of on-site operation/communication, real time alarms sent directly to email or mobile phones, and intuitive set-up and data management software. The non-contact Flo-Dar sensor further enhances personnel safety by eliminating sensor maintenance and confined space entry while reducing flow monitoring costs. Wireless FL900 Flow Logger models utilize Hach FSDATA™ web-based software that eliminates site visits to collect flow data allowing users to easily manage their flow data 24/7.


Flo-Dar Permanent AC / DC Powered Displays (with LCD or without LCD)

For an Online Flash Product Demonstration of the Flo-Dar >> click here <<


Open Channel and Closed Conduit Flowmeter Applications.

Flo-Mate Model 2000 (now discontinued, and replaced with the Hach FH950)

Marsh McBirney has an excellent line of portable Electromagnetic Flowmeters including the popular Flo-Mate Model 2000. The popular Model 2000 utilizes a magnetic sensor based on Faraday's Law for superior accuracy and reliability. A favorite among municipalities and industry experts. Ideal device for calibration of weirs, flumes and other primary devices. Sensors also available for full pipe applications. Electromagnetic sensors are perfect for clean water and also process water applications and perform where traditional doppler type sensors fail as they require sediment in the flow.

Click Image for Specifications

Lightweight, rugged field construction with no moving parts, water resistant electronics, data storage/recall capability, battery operation, and fixed period averaging make it the clear choice in velocity flowmeters.

Ideal for:


Rivers & Streams


Flume/Weir Calibration


Mining Channels


Irrigation Channels




Most Open Channel Flow Applications

Popular Open Channel measurement tool for environmental consultants, water resource engineers, governmental and environmental agencies, industrial velocity profiling and cross confirmation of flowmeters.

Excellent for both high and low flow measurement.


Flo-Tote 3

Building on the success of thousands of installations worldwide we are pleased to introduce the " Flo-Tote 3 " - the new generation of the world's most popular sewer flowmeter. Marsh-McBirney's "Flo-Tote 3" portable flowmeters are based on the original and unsurpassed velocity/area measurement sensors and techniques. Continuous product innovation has made it possible to combine proven sensor design with state-of-the art technology.

In addition to the accuracy and ease-of-use our customers have come to expect the "Flo-Tote 3" offers some exciting new features:

  • Disconnectable sensor for quick and easy replacement
  • Interchangeable with Flo-Dar sensors
  • Room to store more data with a storage capacity increased to 64K
  • Extended battery life
  • Pocket PC compatible for data collection convenience.


The Marsh McBirney Flowmeter Family: Constantly Expanding and Improving to meet your needs!

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